​​I am going to take you back to winter 2013 on a very cold Seattle morning … 28 degrees, actually … my wife and I were headed to REI from the ferry terminal.

As we walked, I noticed quite a few homeless people shivering near the terminal. I wondered how many homeless I might encounter on our walk to REI. To my amazement we counted over 40 men, women and children.

Moved by this, I began thinking of simple products in my industry that offer an affordable way to help the homeless during winter's cold days and nights. I wanted to make an enduring impact on their comfort. And so, GiveWarmth was born.

GiveWarmth became the vehicle to deliver a simple kit containing beanie, scarf, gloves and a rain blanket to those needing  comfort.

Thanks to generous donors, we have given hundreds of these kits to the needy. 

If you are interested in helping us, please e-mail me or call (888)-808-2806.

Warmest regards,

Allen Ferris

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